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The Provincial Team (PT) is the top tier of Manitoba’s Athlete Development Program and is by​invitation only​. The PT is geared towards athletes who are currently participating at National level competitions or Championships ​and are consistently demonstrating that they are striving towards top performances at those events, and have mastered the technical fundamentals to train and compete at a high level in both short track and long track.
The PT is designed for athletes training at the Provincial level as a pathway towards training at a High Performance Centre in Canada. The overall goal of the program is to ensure that our skaters are being adequately supported at the provincial level.

● To develop athletes by: o Focusing on the physical development of speed, strength, aerobic endurance and agility.

● Focusing on optimizing competitive development and strategies. o Improving overall knowledge of sport science concepts.

● To provide athletes and coaches with an educational environment that promotes and enhances knowledge of advanced training development and procedures.

● Long-term mission is to produce nationally and internationally competitive skaters.

PT Bulletin 2019-2020


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