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This workshop is a follow up for any coaches who have already taken the Fundamentals or Intro to Comp coaching clinic but have yet to submit their portfolios or been evaluated. Please join us for a short workshop to discuss the requirements of the portfolio portion of the certification and to schedule your evaluation. 
Provincial Coach
  • Tyler Williamson Derraugh

Regional Coaches
  • Pat Leech
  • Bill Gendron
  • Scott Van Horne
  • Mary Prendergast
  • Tracy Leipsic      
  • ​​Gabrielle Williamson Derraugh
  • Scott Van Horne

Any coach affiliated with MSSA programs, camps, development sessions, promotional events, or as assigned coach to an out of province competition must have the following to be considered:

 Criminal Record Check – must be completed a minimum of every 3 years.  There are 2 options in filling out the application:
  • In person to the RCMP office you would bring along the attached form and there would be no charge as you are a volunteer
  • You can do online here is the link but you will be required to pay with a credit card
  • Once you have received your copy of the criminal record check I just need to see that it has been completed for my files (I do not require an actual copy of the check)

 Child Abuse Registry Check – must be completed a minimum of every 3 years
  • MSSA will be receiving the package with the application forms and once received will forward to all the coaches to fill out (within the next week or so)

Respect in Sport
  • This program is mandated and a requirement for all coaches to be recognized by Coaching Manitoba.
  • There is no fee for this program
  • Respect in Sport Program is an education program for coaches to assist them in the prevention of harassment, abuse and bullying in sport. The purpose of the program is to impact on attitudes, skills, and knowledge of the coaches that will result in a safe, sportsmanlike environment for all players, coaches, and parents.  Respect in Sport Program is only offered online and is a total of 3 hours in length.  The course consists of 6 modules, each 30 minutes in length. If you have completed RIS for another sport you do not have to take it again, however you will need to login and choose speed skating from the list of sports.   For more information please visit the following site:

NCCP Course Schedule link


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